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Iată lista furnizorilor, producătorilor şi distribuitorilor corespunzători căutării dvs.  «  Colanti si dresuri  »  in sectorul  « Imbracaminte ». Intreprinderile de pe aceasta pagina sunt de asemenea asociate cu cuvintele-cheie: tightspop socksmen's sockswomen's tightswool socks.

AURORA BALTIKA is one of the largest manufacturers of hosiery and socks in the Baltic countries. Modern technology and equipment allow us to manufacture up to 50 million pairs a year. The collection... Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | Import-export - textile si imbracaminte | Imbracaminte - import-export | Dresuri si sosete | Sosete [+] men's cotton socks | mens wool socks | wool socks | ladies' hosiery | men's socks | children's socks | cotton socks | football socks | sports socks | knee-length socks
Belgian manufacturer of luxury tights, hold-up stockings and revolutionary girdles. Exporting to more than 45 countries, packaging containing information and explanations in the major European... Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | Lenjerie intima | leggings | hold-up stockings | figure-shaping lingerie [+] light girdles | luxury tights | manufacture of luxury and fashion articles for legs | body-shaping pants | tights | small pedals | pop socks

Marci : Trinny & Susannah | Braza | CETTE

Erembodegem (aalst) - BELGIA
Founded in 1965, Viola Calzificio spa manufactures and exports tights, stockings and women's and children's socks and hosiery throughout the world. The company is situated in Acquafredda, just 5 Km... Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | fashion tights | microfibre tights | seamless | production of women's stockings [+] lycra socks | own production | stocking factories | tights | wholesale stockings
Acquafredda - ITALIA
Textile import and wholesale, particularly socks and stockings. Sale of socks, tights and fine stockings across Europe. More than 100 new stocking designs in every new catalogue – an updated socks... Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | Sosete | Imbracaminte pentru sugari si copii | Costume populare | women's tights [+] pop socks | casual socks | garters | wool socks | compression stockings
Bischofswiesen - GERMANIA
SMB EXPORT is a textile agency. We are mainly working for Global market. Our main responsibility is to give a very good service to the clients. We try to provide this job with smooth and strong... Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | Dresuri si sosete | Lenjerie intima | Lenjerie intima pentru femei | Import-export - textile si imbracaminte [+] Sosete | socks for men | socks for women | best prices of socks | tights
Istanbul - TURCIA
The company produces fashionable and comfortable tights, socks and leggings for babies, children, women and men from the cotton, wool and other fibers of different combinations. Products which... Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | Dresuri si sosete | Sosete | wooll tights/socks | leggings [+] organic cotton | kba cotton | men's socks
Garliava, Kauno R. - LITUANIA
Golden Net was founded in 1975 and characterized as the first Greek company manufacturing elastic stockings. In 1984 the company expanded its production to fashion pantyhose and tights and elastic... Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | Ortopedie si reeducare functionala - aparate, instrumente si materiale | antithrombotic socks - toeless compressions sock class 1 | orthopedic support stockings exporters | knee, elbow and lumbar supports [+] orthopedic support stockings | compression stockings | elastic stockings
Ag. Anargyri - GRECIA
CONSAY is well known manufacturer of hosiery existing since 1984.Company offers high quality products for ladies, children and men produced of best raw materials using the most recent technology and... Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | patterned | cabaret | jacquards | men's socks [+] women's tights | pop socks | stockings


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Calzificio Rapid International: production of socks, stockings and tights for women and girls. Brands offered: DORLOSTAN BAYER and LYCRA DUPONT Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | Sosete | Dresuri si sosete
Castel Goffredo (mn) - ITALIA
P.L.U.S. Private Labels Universal Service is a firm that works in the pantyhose and underwear sector. Thanks to over 20 years' experience, its young founder became aware that it is essential to be a... Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | seamless underwear | tights | production of women's stockings | pop socks
Calzificio Coral: stockings and tights manufactured. Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | Sosete
Berenzi-Castel Goffredo (mn) - ITALIA
We have always produced a multitude of classic plain or with small intarsia or embroidered motif items, while working closely with our customers on the design and production of customised lines. Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | Dresuri si sosete | lisle thread stockings | cotton socks | casual socks
Suno (no) - ITALIA
Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | Dresuri si sosete
Castel Goffredo (mn) - ITALIA
Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri
Anzegem - BELGIA
Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | socks and stockings | hosiery | manufacture of tights
Migennes - FRANTA
Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri
Heeswijk-Dinther - OLANDA
Joyangwear company were established on 2005,were started as a small manufacturer,the company were expanded fast recent years.in order to pay more time and energy to care for customer's order,control... Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | hosiery wholesale | bikinis
Yiwu - CHINA
Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | children's socks | wholesale stockings
Istanbul - TURCIA
We are a large hosiery manufacturer in Ukraine with more than 15 years of experience. We export to EU and Post-Soviet Countries. We produce stockings for women in three collection classic, fantasy... Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | hosiery | stocking factories
Dnepropetrovsk - UCRAINA
Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri
Esenyurt - TURCIA
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