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Men's and women's clothing and accessories, ties, blouses, pullovers, head scarves, scarves, berets, watches, shoes, bags, key rings, fashion accessories, men's haute couture, outdoor clothing,... Furnizor de: Imbracaminte - import-export | Camasi | Haine barbatesti - marimi mari | Haine pentru femei | Mantouri din piele [+] Cravate | Haine barbatesti | Haine de ceremonie | Accesorii pentru haine de ceremonie | Accesorii | Haine de dama | Haine de piele | Parfumuri | bespoke ties | perfumes for men


P. Vittoria-Napoli - ITALIA
Our company is a leader in the production and distribution of quality footsies and socks for women, men and children in different types of yarns. Footsies with seamless double heel layer, vital for... Furnizor de: Sosete | footsies | we operate internationally | cotton footsies | anti-odour socks [+] antibacterial socks | natural fibre footsies | subcontract working | stockings | socks | pop socks | anti-slip socks | footsocks | footguards | production of women's stockings
Guidizzolo - ITALIA
Fratinardi offers men's and women's footwear collections from the finest designers, chosen to ensure that we offer very high quality products. Shoes are very much in the DNA of the Fratinardi brand,... Furnizor de: Haine pentru sugari | Imbracaminte pentru copii | Rochii de mireasa | Haine de ceremonie pentru copii | Haine pentru femei [+] Lenjerie pentru barbati | Lenjerie intima | Incaltaminte barbateasca | Incaltaminte pentru copii | Incaltaminte de dama | Haine barbatesti | Haine de ceremonie | Incaltaminte | Haine de dama | Imbracaminte pentru sugari si copii
Battipaglia (sa) - ITALIA
With a history stretching back over more than 40 years, Valentini Spose is synonymous with traditional dress-making skills, associated with a style so modern and original that he is thought of as the... Furnizor de: Rochii de mireasa | wedding gowns | personalised wedding gowns | 2013 wedding gown collection | bridal accessories [+] wedding gown collection | wedding gowns made in italy | wedding gowns italy | new collection of wedding gowns | workroom | bolero with marabou feathers | wedding wear | silk bridal gowns | custom-made bridal gowns | custom-made clothing


Putignano - ITALIA
Kaos, a label making clothes for Men and Women, was set up during the 1980s. Today, Kaos is a successful brand thanks to its ability to spot fashion trends and apply them to affordable collections... Furnizor de: Lenjerie pentru barbati | Haine de dama | wholesale men's clothing | wholesale women's clothing | leather clothing [+] coats | men's outwear | shirts | jackets | women's wear | knitwear | blouses | men's clothing | packaging | pullover
Funo-Argelato - ITALIA
Manufacture of holsters, cartridge belts, gun covers, cases, military belts, jackets, law enforcement agent pouches, sports bags, travel bags, military accessories. Accessories in cordura, weapons... Furnizor de: Vanatoare si pescuit - haine | pistol holsters | military accessories | cartridge belts | gun covers [+] military supplies | revolver cases | law enforcement agent pouches
Fucecchio - ITALIA
In October 2013, Luisa Sposa celebrated her 25 years in business at Putignano. A major milestone for a family business born from the passion and tenacity of its owner, Luisa Lotti, who has made her... Furnizor de: Rochii de mireasa | bridal veils | silk bridal gowns | custom-made bridal gowns | embroidered bridal gowns [+] standardised sizes | tailoring | accessories for brides | workroom | custom-made clothing
Putignano - ITALIA
PRIVATE LABEL, fashion and classic stockings and tights for women and girls. Fashion pop-socks and socks with heel. Furnizor de: Sosete | Dresuri si sosete | private label | we operate internationally | production of women's stockings [+] own production | stocking factories | pop socks | wholesale stockings | socks | stockings | self-supporting stockings | ladies' stockings | lycra socks | wholesale stockings
Castel Goffredo - ITALIA


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The company Ca’ da Mosto is a family firm that was founded by the entrepreneur Sergio Tegon in 1986 and was named after one of the oldest Venetian palaces. Now, Seventy is in the market with... Furnizor de: Imbracaminte - import-export | Haine barbatesti | Haine de dama | women's sweaters | women's fashion accessories [+] women's pants | high fashion | men's high fashion | boys' wear | women's high fashion | men's pants | women's wear | men's clothing | men's sweaters | men's fashion accessories
Scorze' - ITALIA
Moretta underwear is made only from superior quality materials, exclusively in Italy, by a highly experienced team. Clothing from Moretta is the fruit of over 50 years' experience and expertise in... Furnizor de: Lenjerie pentru copii | Lenjerie intima | silk underwear | men's underwear | wool underwear [+] men's jerseys | silk | cotton | knitwear | lingerie | women's intimate underwear | singlets | underwear | girl's undergarments | wool and silk
Busto Arsizio - ITALIA
The name par excellence of Italian dance shoes is that if the company founded in Milan in 1919 by Eugenio Porselli. Having developed until today, following a solid family tradition, the Milanese... Furnizor de: Dans - haine | men's dancing trousers | accessories for classical dance | dance items | dance accessories [+] dance tutu | dance tights | dance tights | dance apparel | dance shoes | dance suits | dance tutus | classical dance clothing | bit | tips for pointe shoes
Milano - ITALIA
Comindusa srl has track record in the clothing and footwear sectors that stretches back for over 25 years, and its business consists of sorting and selling clothes and shoes. Most of our clothes is... Furnizor de: Imbracaminte - import-export | second-hand prato clothes | second-hand clothes | second-hand clothes | used clothes import-export [+] second-hand items | clothing accessories | second-hand designer clothes | second-hand clothes | second-hand clothing | stocks of footwear | recycled clothing | women's knitted hosiery | import of clothing
Montemurlo - ITALIA
Youth and classic lines, men's and women's jumpers, large sizes, twin-sets, jumpers. Furnizor de: Imbracaminte - import-export | Jersee si pulovere | twin-set | men's sweaters | knitwear [+] sweater | neck scarves
Barletta - ITALIA
La Bottega di Brunella has been making fashion items for women, men and children with the same love and originality since 1965 because Vito and Brunella have handed down their passion to their... Furnizor de: Haute couture pentru femei | Moda - stilisti | Haine de dama | our business operates internationally | women's clothing [+] women's beach fashion | fashion accessories | women's high fashion | boutiques | stylist | evening wear | clothes | high fashion
Positano - ITALIA
Professionalism and punctuality are the key words at the sock and tights manufacturer Calzificio Alessandra which is fully aware of the importance of satisfy its own clients, quickly and safely, with... Furnizor de: Sosete | Dresuri si sosete | microfibre socks | wholesale stockings | production of women's stockings [+] self-supporting stockings | lycra socks | children's socks | wholesale stockings | underwear | cotton socks
Casaloldo (mn) - ITALIA
Founded in 1965 as a contract manufacturer, we have developed over the years to the point where we now offer our own retail brand. A group of specialists in mechanical-electronics and design works... Furnizor de: Sosete | leggings | fashion tights | sock manufacture | stockings [+] leggings | baby socks | women's fashion tights | pop socks | stockings | ladies' stockings | wholesale stockings | production of women's stockings


Botticino Sera-Botticino - ITALIA
Created in Castiglione delle Stiviere in the province of Mantoue in 1967, today Golden Lady is a leading company both in Italy and the world in the women's hosiery market. Furnizor de: Sosete | tights for adolescents | men's tights | anti-slip socks | stockings [+] wholesale stockings | women's tights | ladies' stockings
Castiglione Delle Stiviere (mn) - ITALIA
Our firm manufactures high-quality pyjamas, nighties, nightgowns, underwear, nightwear for men, women, children and newborns in jacquard knits, plush jersey and interlock. Over our many years of... Furnizor de: Pijamale | pyjamas | pyjamas | slips | children's jerseys [+] wholesale men's underwear | women's intimate underwear | men's dressing gowns | dressing gowns | underwear | underwear | women's pyjamas


Gallarate - ITALIA
Valletti s.r.l. works in the field of salvaging and recycling second-hand clothes. Clothes, shoes, bags, leathers, ensembles, clothing accessories, cashmere, wool and fabric offcuts for industrial use Furnizor de: Imbracaminte - import-export | Textile - import-export | Haine de ocazie | Textile - colectare si reciclare | second hand feathers [+] stocks of clothing | wool scraps | second-hand cashmere | manufacture and collection of rags and used clothing | used footwear | second-hand clothing | vintage | rags for industry | clothing export | rag transformation
Pastorano - ITALIA
PRIMATO SRL has a number of years experience in the women's hosiery business. Socks for men, tights, stockings, dyes, socks for women, hosiery items. Furnizor de: Sosete | tights | wholesale stockings | stocking factories | children's socks [+] socks | men's socks | lycra socks | ladies' stockings | stockings
Castel Goffredo - ITALIA
For over 30 years, Reart has devoted all its experience to the world of dance. Apart from a vast selection of the best Italian and international dance wear and dance shoes, which has always been our... Furnizor de: Dans - haine | modern dance clothing | funk dance pumps | tip tap shoes | classical dance clothing [+] accessories for dancing and skating | ballet shoes | dance tops | dance tutus | muscle warmers
Milano - ITALIA
Founded in 1965, Viola Calzificio spa manufactures and exports tights, stockings and women's and children's socks and hosiery throughout the world. The company is situated in Acquafredda, just 5 Km... Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | fashion tights | microfibre tights | seamless | production of women's stockings [+] lycra socks | own production | stocking factories | tights | wholesale stockings
Acquafredda - ITALIA
Wholesale accessories for the textile and clothing industry: sewing thread, COATS and GUTERMANN thread; straight, bias binding, selvage and cut ribbons; horn, vegetable ivory and metal buttons, etc. Furnizor de: Imbracaminte - import-export | Captuseala | Imbracaminte - furnituri | Tesaturi | ready-to-wear accessories [+] horsehair, spun yarns, fusible interlinings | garment lining | fabrics and materials | zippers
Arezzo - ITALIA
Marygold can offer a comprehensive line-up of items for all segments of the market, including sock and tights manufacturing with a series of standard models that cover all market types, available... Furnizor de: Sosete | men's socks | ladies' stockings | socks | children's socks [+] self-supporting stockings | production of women's stockings | stocking factories | lycra socks | cotton socks
Solferino (mn) - ITALIA
Sel Abbigliamento has been operating in the secondhand clothes industry for several decades. Its main business is the selection and sale of secondhand clothes, footwear, bags, belts and accessories. Furnizor de: Imbracaminte - import-export | Accesorii | rag collection | second-hand clothing | recycled cloths [+] transformation of clothes | open all day | clothing export | second-hand clothing
Caivano - ITALIA
Wholesale of women's ready to wear garments and jumpers: medium-top of the range quality, jackets, shirts, trousers, skirts, leather jackets for young and less young women who like to keep up to date... Furnizor de: Imbracaminte - import-export | Haine de dama | young fashion | wholesale of made in italy clothing | ready-to-wear [+] leather clothing | women's knitted garments
Funo-Argelato - ITALIA
Quality and manufacture made in Italy since 1943. We ship worldwide. Garments customised. Professional clothing, workwear, uniforms, for: hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, caterers, spas and wellness... Furnizor de: Uniforme | workwear for duty staff | housecoats for doctors | workwear | workwear for hotel staff [+] workwear for cooks | workwear for drivers | professional attire
Milano - ITALIA
Olimpic's creates items and clothing for hunting and fishing, in particular clothing items for hunting, like bags, boots, trousers and blouses with high visibility. We create bespoke items for boar... Furnizor de: Vanatoare si pescuit - haine | Vanatoare si pescuit - articole si produse speciale | hunting articles | cartridge loading machines and accessories | footwear for hunting and leisure [+] clothes for hunting and leisure
Cascine Del Riccio-Firenze - ITALIA
P.L.U.S. Private Labels Universal Service is a firm that works in the pantyhose and underwear sector. Thanks to over 20 years' experience, its young founder became aware that it is essential to be a... Furnizor de: Colanti si dresuri | seamless underwear | pop socks | tights | production of women's stockings
Castel Goffredo - ITALIA
Production of clothing and accessories for women. Summer-winter haute-couture and prêt-à-porter. Furnizor de: Confectii pentru femei | Haine de dama | women's pants | women's skirts | women's sweaters [+] blouses
Sant'agata Sul Santerno - ITALIA
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